What Exactly Is A Blog?

I personally have never made a blog before coming to college. My knowledge about blogging is very small, but I am starting to get a better understanding of what a blog really is. In my opinion, it is a personal website or web page where an individual writes his/her opinions, links to other sites, leaves videos, graphics, etc. Throughout high school and my earlier years I was taught on writing formal essays and other similar pieces of literature. Blogs are the complete opposite. I learned that they are informal and simple to the point. They contain humorous remarks and the structure consists of small paragraphs with descriptive information relevant to the topic. It is still hard for me to write in a blog format because I am so use to the essay formats but I am sure as I continue reading and researching blogs I will get the hang of it. Another thing I learned about blogs is that they can have videos and pictures to help give a stronger meaning to that bloggers opinion or point that he or she is trying to portray. All the blogs I picked and followed are technologically based. One reason I chose these blogs were due to their relevance in today’s society. Technology is transcending to greater heights each day and I like to be informed and aware about new gadgets and devices that are entering our market and society. Another reason I chose the blogs I did were due to the eye-catching pictures and titles that appear when you look at the home screen. I think a title can drag the audience in or push them away. The more creative the title is, the more views I believe the blog will acquire. One of the blogs I read, I learned about how Apple is releasing information about the new iPhone 5S tomorrow. It is a great blog to post because millions to billions of people have apple products. Honestly, everybody loves iPhones, right!? In that blog it also talks about how the new CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, is now pressured to make strong improvements and people are wanting to see if he is actually capable of advancing Apple and taking on the responsibilities that former CEO Steve Jobs once held. One website I follow is TechnoBuffalo.com. One thing I learned from a blog on that site is another surprising leak of the new iPhone 5S. The designer, Martin Hajek, released that there would be a ring of light around the home button of the phone. Rumor has is that this ring can be just a ring with a nice light that flashes, or perhaps, a finger scanner. That would be incredible and I feel it would make the iPhone that much better.







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