The United States and Syria

      The use of chemical warfare by Syria’s leader, President Bashar Assad is what led to the involvement of the United States in this international affair. Syria has been using chemical weapons against their rebels which lead to the citizens of Syria to reach out to the United States. The U.N. inspectors’ report provided airtight evidence that Assad’s forces fired rockets filled with sarin gas into Damascus suburbs, killing more than 1,000 people (Richter, 2013). A reason that the U.S. nearly intervened with Syria is because non-intervention could lead to serious problems in terms of U.S. moral standing in the world, (we are known as the worlds “police”) as well as the resulting free flow of weaponries, instability, etc. Has the world forgotten what the UN’s original purpose was? When a country is in need we should be there to act and protect human rights and the right to live, irrespective of a state’s sovereignty (Khan, 2013). In the end, we did not intervene with Syria because the US and Russia came into agreement that, if Syria hands over all chemical weapons to the international community, neither would interfere. Another reason that the U.S. decided not to get involved was because American just withdrew from Iraq and it is all very expensive. The American government is broke. The national debt is nearing $17 trillion, including nearly trillion-dollar deficits for the past four years.  If we were to start another war, once again we would have to borrow more money and create an even deeper whole of debt. In my opinion, there is no need for us to get involved with this conflict. In the past few years, the Syrian Civil War has caused there to be up to 100, 000 deaths. What is the difference between killing 100,000 people over 2 years with guns and bombs and killing 1400 with gas? Are bullets and bombs less tragic then gas? It just doesn’t make any logical sense.


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