Online Piracy

In my opinion downloading music illegally is a victim less crime. There should be no punishment for downloading music off the Internet for free. People have made it so easy to download music for free that it’s almost effortless. I see it as if you want to support an artist you can pay the 99 cents or the 13 dollars for the album and enjoy the music. On the other hand, if you enjoy all kinds of music and really don’t have that one artist you love, then why not download it illegally? Enough people will buy the song and the song will be played multiple times on the TV, radio, etc. to a point where the artist will still make an incredible amount of money.

In my opinion I feel illegal online downloading is not stealing. As a citizen of the United States you should have the right to buy music or to just download it for free entertainment. Everyone loves music and not having enough money to buy an album wouldn’t be fair. Certain artists in my opinion have way to music money and would be able to release an album for free and still get millions and millions of dollars from advertisements and endorsements. Why are their sites where you can listen to unlimited music but yet you can’t download it yourself?  You can go on YouTube whenever you want and listen to music videos for free so why do people have to pay for it if they want to have a music file on their hard drive. Maybe some laws should be changed due to reasons like that but for now I feel that there should be no punishment for illegal online downloading.

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