How I Feel About Privacy.

I consider many forms of information on my computer to be private information. A very import piece of information, when it comes to being online, is passwords and usernames. If anyone steals my username and password they can access my profiles and do anything with it from accessing my personal messages to changing information. But overall the most important information is credit card and debit card information as well as passwords to important accounts. If a person gets a hold of that kind of information you can kiss all your hard earned money goodbye. It will be a life changing problem that some people can’t even bounce back from. Pictures and general information will always be out there for people to view, you just need to be careful to not give out too much.

I feel like maybe the problem is not that the government and business corporations can see your personal information. Especially on social media websites, because if they feel like you might be a threat they will look at your email conversations and website activity and track your phone calls. Most jobs, especially government jobs, require a full background check where they can find out everything about you anyway. I feel like the bigger problem with freely giving away information on social media websites is that most people don’t even realize that almost anyone can go onto their profile and find out what they look like, their phone numbers, where they live, their relatives and much more. The bigger problem at hand is that even if your profile is private people can still see a good amount of information about you. They then can use that little information to track down more about you. Also, once things are out on the internet it is almost always going to stay out there.

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