Wearable Computing

Google Glass and technology like it is definitely an evolutionary step in the direction of technology. The features Google Glass provides is simply amazing. I can’t believe Google has the ability for their software and hardware to run smoothly in real time. Being able to see what others are doing through their perspective is simply mind blowing. It’s almost like you are living in a virtual based life, in fact everything seems so simple and easy because everything is right in front of you. The options that are available to you are limitless when using Google Glass. With this technology being released to the public I see nothing but amazing things happening in the near future. I feel from that this device will help increase technology as we know it. It will open doors to new ideas and greater, more advanced technology. I can’t wait to see what’s in store within the next five to ten years.

Having technology like this makes almost everything you could ever imagine possible. Google Glass gives you everything you need in real time when you need it. It helps benefit everyday life by saving time and increasing productivity. Pieces of technology like this allows the human mind to become more creative and sprout ideas that could help benefit society and this country as a whole. Even though I see nothing but positive things from technology like this, there are also negatives that have to be put into consideration. Using these glasses to see videos can be a huge distraction. It can create accidents or simply distract us from reality. Also, since this is always connected to you when you’re using it everything you’re doing is being broadcasted to the Internet. This can result in privacy issues such as not wanting certain people or employers to know or see what you’re doing at all times. People might use this piece of technology in a negative way but there is no telling what can come with it. We will have to just wait and see. With everything that has been brought up I still feel like this is revolutionary piece of technology.     

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